Saturday’s Champion Athlete With Diabetes: Will the basketball star.

It’s time for one more… one more inspiring, feel-good story this week about an athlete living with diabetes and chasing their athletic dreams.
Today’s athlete, like so many others this week, is a young person, diagnosed as a young person. Will has been living with Type 1 diabetes since he was 5 1/2 years old. Now he’s eight years old and playing on his first basketball team! His Mom, Angie Herbrand of suburban Madison, Wisconsin had this to say back in December:

“He LOVES playing sports, especially basketball. Example – a friend gave him a LeBron James jersey for his birthday last week. He has worn that jersey seven days in a row. Yep, seven. He’s always got a basketball in his hand. Even when he doesn’t have a ball handy, he’ll jog down the hall perfecting his shot with a make-believe basketball.

Yesterday he tried out for his first basketball league, and he rocked it. He is so excited to start playing!”

Will made a long shot during his tryout that none of the other kids were able to make.

And that’s not all… Angie told me later that Will participated in basketball and mountain biking day camps this past summer, and a snowboarding camp in December. Shout Out: Those events were specifically for Type 1 kids, provided by Riding on Insulin and Slam Dunk for Diabetes. Yay diabetes fitness organizations!

Congratulations Will! Pursuing your athletic goals is great for you, and hearing how much fun you’re having makes me even happier to call you a Champion Athlete With Diabetes.
Don’t forget: If you’re like Will, achieving athletic goals while living with diabetes, or if someone close to you is doing that, click here or on the image of the medals in the upper left of this page, and we’ll get started on your medal today.

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