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Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Landfill filler.

Happy Hump Day everyone… I posted something like this years ago, and thought I would post this from earlier in the week, so you can see exactly the amount of shit I throw away when doing a site change for my insulin pump.

To be fair, not all of this goes to the landfill. I separate what I can for recycling.

Still, it’s a lot.

And please don’t say anything about my dirty placemat…

(nearly) Wordless Wednesday: World Health Day/Diabetes.

Did you know that Thursday, April 7 is World Health Day? World Health Day is the one day each year where the World Health Organization encourages everyone to try to stem the tide on a worldwide health crisis. Guess where the World Health Day focus is this year?

That’s right… it’s diabetes.

Let’s face it: with the rise in the numbers of those diagnosed and the many who remain undiagnosed, making diabetes a focus just makes sense. And I’m completely supportive of the World Health Organization’s efforts to take this on this year. To find out more about WHO’s World Health Day efforts, including some infographics and posters, CLICK HERE.

And how about this? How about, on Thursday, April 7, we do the Blue Fridays thing a day early and wear blue to recognize and support those living with and affected by diabetes? I’m in if you are…
Recently, the folks at Amino, a relatively new company, asked me (and a couple of others) for some feedback on what living with diabetes is really like. They took our input, added some facts, and came up with a spiffy infographic of their own. Any of the blog names at the bottom look familiar?

From their website:
“Amino aims to connect everyone to the best health care possible. Powered by a comprehensive database that includes nearly every practicing doctor in America and experiences from more than 188 million patients, Amino’s service empowers people to make confident decisions about their health care, starting with the doctors they choose.”

Special thanks to Amino for reaching out. Full disclosure: I was not compensated in any way by Amino for providing my input or sharing it here.

Wordless Wednesday: The people you meet.

It’s no secret that the best part of going to diabetes events, wherever you are, are the face-to-face connections you make with others in attendance.

Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to attend the JDRF TypeOneNation Summit in Bethesda, Maryland. I was even more fortunate to meet Molly Schreiber.

Molly lives with Type 1 Diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis, and she writes about both eloquently at her blog And Then You’re At Jax.

Often in our lives, it’s the people you meet that make things so great. So great to meet another friend. You should go check out her blog!

Wordless Wednesday: Hooked.

Just to prove you’re not safe from pump distractions anywhere, including the garden…

I’m pretty sure a garden gnome is responsible. Maybe even the Buck Showalter Garden Gnome.

Also: those heirloom cherry tomatoes in my right hand must have been developed by a terrorist, ‘cause they’re the bomb.

Wordless Wednesday: Innovation and Inspiration.

Click here to save children – Donate to Spare A Rose, Save a Child

I was in Brussels, waiting to board the train back to London. Already through the UK Border checkpoint, most everything on the other side was Great Britain focused. On a TV screen, a promotional video was in a constant loop, promoting the work of the UK Trade and Investment office. That’s where I saw this:


Did they intentionally leave the last digit off?

Who knew the Brits were at the forefront of AP research? Frankly, I don’t care who takes credit for it. I just want it for patients NOW!

If you’re really interested, the full video is right here… the AP portion is near the end, at around the 2:43 mark:


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