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Wordless Wednesday. Make a list.


I’ve got the day off today. After checking my desk drawer before I left yesterday, I realized I need to take a little time to get replacements for the juice boxes I’ve been going through lately. And maybe some peanut butter crackers. Maybe some candy too.

And where did that plastic knife come from?


Can you make a word from this?

This set of letters appeared in the Scrabble Grams puzzle in one of the local free weekly papers this week. Can you make a word from this set of letters?
Actually, I think they were looking for the word “bulbous”. But I get where you’re coming from, diabetes-brain.

Don’t forget to bolus for those meals today.

(Not quite) Wordless Wednesday.

It’s early June, and where I live that means the garden is starting to deliver on the hopes from early Spring.

Here are a few shots of my garden, an extra planter where we’re growing some greens and oregano, and some of the bounty we’ve harvested already. I’ve got a veggie garden with two kinds of tomatoes, jalopeno and poblano peppers, green beans, three kinds of lettuce, spinach, and red potatoes (growing under the lettuce). In the planter there is red leaf lettuce, radicchio, and oregano. There’s also a separate herb garden that includes some strawberry plants. Some of this, as you can see, has been harvested and eaten already. Included in the photos is Boomer the Dog who, like all the other dogs who have ever lived with us, absolutely loves green beans.

So far, everything is growing well. But something keeps eating my squash blooms! They’re in a separate garden not pictured here. As soon as they get blooms, something comes along at night and eats them before they can grow anything edible. If you have any ideas what it might be and what I might be able to do about it, let me know. And please excuse the weeds you see, which I haven’t been able to trim/pull/Roundup yet.






Happy Wednesday!

Wordless Wednesday – Tangible proof.


I received this in my e-mail this week. It’s a great feeling when you get tangible proof that something you’ve done will help someone else.

If you’re living with diabetes and living in the USA, you may be able to donate blood. To find out more, go to

Wordless Wednesday… Do As I Say, Not As I Do.

From the Do As I Say, Not As I Do Department…


I started the day with about 20 units left in my reservoir. I thought I would make it back home after work before that was all gone, but, well, you know how things happen… Sometimes things happen that are out of your control.

I wound up getting home about half an hour later than I expected. The good news is that my pump, though scratched and extremely dirty, was still pumping. Despite what the display in the photo shows.

I’ve since changed my site and reservoir, and given my pump a thorough cleaning. I promise.

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