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Wordless Wednesday. Make a list.


I’ve got the day off today. After checking my desk drawer before I left yesterday, I realized I need to take a little time to get replacements for the juice boxes I’ve been going through lately. And maybe some peanut butter crackers. Maybe some candy too.

And where did that plastic knife come from?

Juice Discussions.

I was a little low the other night when I got home from work. So, after staring at a 60 mg/dL, I opened the refrigerator door to find… no juice. We ran out before I could get out to the store for more.

That’s okay. We always have some backup in the form of the old, reliable juice box. Doesn’t matter which brand. I’ll drink it if I need it. So I grabbed one of the boxes we always keep in reserve.

But wait… this juice is awful. The taste is not good at all. I started looking for a reason why. And then I found it:

The dates on the box said “Best if used by Oct 17 2010”.

In other words, “Worst if used two years later”.

We did a little more searching, and found some new juice boxes that weren’t so far past their prime. But I’ve got to rethink how much I buy of these things when I see them on sale. I need to restock on a more regular basis.

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