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Diabetes Art Day. Get your helping of diabetes stew.

It’s Diabetes Art Day once again! Founded by Lee Ann Thill in 2010, Diabetes Art Day is designed to help people affected by diabetes connect through creativity. It’s all about expressing how you feel about diabetes. Really, the thought-provoking art that has already been produced on this special day is nothing short of amazing. And it’s only going to get bigger from here.

I’m not going to kid you and tell you that I’m good at art, but I did create a little something this year. Honestly, I’m slightly embarrassed at this offering. But at least I tried. And I get it… it’s important to express yourself creatively sometimes, because it helps you tap into your feelings a little deeper than what goes on at the surface.

The idea of my photography piece is to leave an impression of the many things (drugs, infusion sets, reservoirs, pumps, CGMs, glucose tabs, insulin pens and pen needles, meters, lancets and lancing devices, and more) that are part of our lives Every.Single.Day.

As I was filling the pot with “ingredients”, I started to get a feeling of the overwhelmingness of it all. I mean, that’s a lot of baggage to carry around, so to speak. And that’s just the outward-facing part.

If you’re lucky enough to not be living with diabetes, you may not be aware of a lot of the things that are part of our lives all the time. If that’s the case, dig in and have a heaping helping of some Diabetes Stew.


If you’re living with or affected by diabetes, I encourage you to create something on this day. Once you do, upload your Diabetes Art Day project (which will undoubtedly be better than mine) here. You can also use Facebook and Twitter (hashtag: #DArtDay) to share your work, and you can share your work on any of the diabetes social networking sites like Diabetes Daily, dLife, and TuDiabetes.

I am definitely looking forward to what I’ll see on yet another fun and exciting Diabetes Art Day.

Diabetes Art Day, #StripSafely edition.

Today is an extra-special-important version of Diabetes Art Day! Thanks to Lee Ann Thill, today is a day for all of us to put our creative minds to use to help spread the word about the importance of meter and test strip accuracy.

The Strip Safely initiative has really taken off, and today’s D-Art Day is another chance for us to shout about the fact that meter and test strip accuracy is not nearly what it should be.

To find out more, visit the Strip Safely site at

You are encouraged to create your own art using test strips… upload your work of art HERE. You can also go there to view other special pieces of D-Art.

Without further ado, here’s my art, if you can call it that. I’m among the most art-challenged people on the planet, so I did a little photo thing that turned into kind of a public service announcement. Oh well. Here it is… And don’t forget to check out the other great works of art on Diabetes Art Day– Strip Safely edition.


Diabetes Art Day. Picture of a Pancreas.

Picture of a Pancreas
Photo courtesy of The Great Spousal Unit

September 24, 2012 is Diabetes Art Day.

For 21 years, my internal pancreas has been inoperable. So I have to use the external resources I have at my disposal to, in effect, become my pancreas for me.

Today, that means using my pump, my meter, and my brain. Hence the idea for this photo.

Do you want to participate in Diabetes Art Day? Find out more at

View the 2012 gallery at

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