Diabetes Art Day, #StripSafely edition.

Today is an extra-special-important version of Diabetes Art Day! Thanks to Lee Ann Thill, today is a day for all of us to put our creative minds to use to help spread the word about the importance of meter and test strip accuracy.

The Strip Safely initiative has really taken off, and today’s D-Art Day is another chance for us to shout about the fact that meter and test strip accuracy is not nearly what it should be.

To find out more, visit the Strip Safely site at www.stripsafely.com.

You are encouraged to create your own art using test strips… upload your work of art HERE. You can also go there to view other special pieces of D-Art.

Without further ado, here’s my art, if you can call it that. I’m among the most art-challenged people on the planet, so I did a little photo thing that turned into kind of a public service announcement. Oh well. Here it is… And don’t forget to check out the other great works of art on Diabetes Art Day– Strip Safely edition.


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