Champion Athlete With Diabetes: Lucas, the Miami Racer.

All this week I’ve been profiling our newest Champion Athlete With Diabetes medal winners. If you haven’t already, please take a moment and read about the others. Go ahead… check them out! Don’t worry… this will still be here when you get back. In addition to those, there’s a medal winner I want to talk about today, and one more tomorrow.
Lucas is ten years old, and lives in Miami. He’s been living with Type 1 diabetes since he was 3 (sigh). In the past year, Lucas started running. And what a runner he is!

He joined a group down there called the Miami Milers, a kids running club. In addition to training with them, he’s participated in a series of 5K runs, including at least two in the past two months. He’s running them around 26:08. That’s faster than I ran my last 5K. It’s a little over eight minutes per mile, folks. For a ten year old. But that’s not all.

His Mom, Jessica Perez, has this to add:

”He also is an avid cyclist, every month we cycle for the City of Miami Beach, a 15 mile bike ride. Lucas is a perfect candidate to receive your medal. He will also be doing his first Duathlon in February of next year. He feels very driven and proud of himself to complete more than the average task for a boy his age living with Type 1 Diabetes.”

Well, he is certainly doing that, Jessica. You can just tell that Lucas doesn’t let diabetes, or anything else, slow him down. He’s the kind of athlete that we all cheer for: Driven, determined, great story, overcomes his most difficult challenges.

Lucas… Congratulations on your athletic achievements! You’re an inspiration to people living with diabetes everywhere. An inspiration. Here’s to many more miles on the road, either running or biking, throughout the year.
Five medal winners this week… one more tomorrow… twenty-five in all so far. Do you want to be next? If you, or the special person in your life has been reaching their athletic goals while living with diabetes too, you should click here to find out more, and send me an e-mail today.

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