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I have a few important things to let you know about today… especially if you haven’t seen anything about them yet. If you have, think of this as a list of friendly reminders.
First… Early Bird registration is now open for the next Diabetes UnConference in Las Vegas, March 10-13, 2016. The Diabetes UnConference brings together adults living with diabetes, who discuss the various psychosocial issues that PWDs deal with on a regular basis. My experience at this year’s UnConference was, in a word, special. I’d love it if it could be the same for you.

Also, as I mentioned here earlier, next year’s UnConference schedule will include sessions for T3s… Type Awesomes… those who love and support us and deal with a lot of issues too. There will be opportunities for both People With Diabetes and People Without Diabetes to interact, but there will also be a separate space and special sessions so People Without Diabetes can experience the UnConference too, sharing among their tribe, peer-to-peer (still adults only).

And, in case you haven’t heard yet, there will be an East Coast version of the Diabetes UnConference next year too! It will happen sometime in the fall, but I’m not sure I can give you any specifics yet (mostly, because I don’t know them). But if Las Vegas isn’t your thing, or it’s just too expensive to get there, look out for news on this second Diabetes UnConference soon.

To register for Vegas, or to keep up on the latest on everything UnConference, CLICK HERE.
Second… We are on the cusp of another exciting Diabetes Blog Week! #DBlogWeek is teed up and ready to go, beginning next Monday, May 11 and continuing through Sunday, May 17.

Karen Graffeo of Bittersweet Diabetes fame started Diabetes Blog Week five years ago (five!) as a way to get diabetes bloggers to participate in something that would bring them together, by sharing blog posts on a different subject for seven straight days. It’s a great way to find new blogs, and if you’re thinking of starting one yourself, it’s an awesome way to start. The more the merrier.

Seven days, seven posts (don’t worry—no one is going to hunt you down if you miss one). To get all of the information on Diabetes Blog Week, CLICK HERE.

Karen… why does this week always come up just when I’m experiencing a bit of writer’s block? Coincidence? Hmmm……
Third: I will be moderating the often imitated, never duplicated DSMA Twitter Chat beginning tonight at 9:00 EDT(US). You are welcome to join the talk, encouragement, support, and laughter that the fastest hour of the week is known for. Our topic this week:

Diabetes is NOT for the weak.

To join the conversation (or just lurk), follow the @DiabetesSocMed Twitter handle or the #DSMA hashtag. Join us!
Finally… I saw this on the train on my way into work this morning:
Maryland’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has done an awful lot in my state to bring diabetes (and pre-diabetes) awareness to the masses. They have a pretty extensive website that has a “Take the Quiz” feature, and helps residents find resources to help them if they need it.
There you have it. Some important, engaging, and fun happenings in the diabetes world. Enjoy your Wednesday!

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  • Karen  On May 6, 2015 at 1:59 pm

    Thanks so much for the DBlogWeek shout-out!

    And I’m going to try to make it to #DSMA tonight. You always do such a great job hosting.

    Liked by 1 person

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