More Diabetes UnConference News, and FDA doings too.

I know I’ve written a lot about The Diabetes UnConference, but I need to share this bit of exciting news:

First: There will be another Diabetes UnConference in Las Vegas next year!
Details are still being worked out, but it will be in Las Vegas, and it will be in March 2016. For me, this is very encouraging. There were many people from the western part of the USA who attended this year, and I know at least a couple would not have made the trip had it not been so close. So I’m glad that adults living with diabetes in Nevada, Arizona, California, Utah, and other western states will have something relatively close to go to. But that’s not all….

Second: There will be an East Coast version of the Diabetes UnConference in the Fall of 2016!
Again, it’s still in the planning stages, and there isn’t much to tell yet, but for all of you who can’t quite make the trip to Vegas next year, know that there will be an East Coast UnConference in the fall. More to come on that development. But wait… that’s not all…

Third: Both editions of the 2016 Diabetes UnConference will include separate “Adult T3/People without Diabetes” sessions! Some parts of the UnConference will offer opportunities for both People With Diabetes and People Without Diabetes to interact, but there will also be a separate space and special sessions so People Without Diabetes can experience the UnConference too, sharing among their tribe, peer-to-peer (still adults only).

Hard to imagine next year already, but it already looks like it will be great.


Advocacy Opportunities:

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is holding a couple of public meetings in April.

The first, on April 14, is a meeting of the Endocrinologic and Metabolic Advisory Committee, which will go over outcomes of research on patients using the Type 2 medications Saxagliptin and Alogliptin. The public is welcome to attend, but you must register. To do that, and to get all of the information on this Advisory Committee meeting, CLICK HERE.

Also, one week later on April 21, there will be a public workshop titled “An Interactive Discussion on the Clinical Considerations of Risk in the Postmarket Environment”. This workshop is really a forum to discuss possible risks (or not risks) of devices after they’ve been approved by the FDA. This is not specifically diabetes related, but hey, we wear devices, right? There is also an opportunity for patients (that’s me) to submit comments, and even speak at this public workshop. Looks very interesting to me. Want to attend? CLICK HERE.
There you have it. Exciting doings in the diabetes world, both in the near future, and next year. Enjoy your weekend!

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