Like these December Links.

Lots and lots of interesting things to read about in the diabetes blogosphere this week… So let’s get to it:
Christopher Snider, who writes at A Consequence of Hypoglycemia, has started a new gig at Symplur. In his words,
“This means I get to look at all kinds of data collected by Symplur’s extensive tools and figure out ways to bring the patient communities into these data-based conversations.”

His first post about it features a very interesting look at the World Diabetes Day Twitter chat hosted by Diabetes Community Advocacy Foundation. Lots to digest, but if you’re an analytical nut like me, it’s kinda cool.
“All things are temporary.”
If you need something inspirational one week before Christmas, here it is.
Take this with you all through the next year.
This made me laugh… and then cry.
Diabetes Mine has announced a new partnership with Healthline. Healthline, among other things, is famous for its list of “Influential [insert condition here] Bloggers of The Year”. The partnership goes live in January, and in addition to lots of collaboration, it promises to bring a new look to the website.
Finally… I am in love with this blog I just found.
I’ll leave it to you to click over and discover what I’m talking about.
I hope your December days are full of fun and magic. Don’t forget to join me for the #DSMA Twitter chat tonight at 9:00 eastern time here in the USA. Follow @DiabetesSocMed and the #DSMA hashtag to join the conversation. In the meantime…

Happy Reading!

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