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Diabetes By The Numbers: Bea Sparks continues the conversation.

“Like anyone else, I want to bee seen, first and foremost, as a human being… as a person.”

So… I touched on the subject of how we react to issues that People With Diabetes face in advertising and media in my last post.

Bea Sparks lives with Type 2 Diabetes. I live with Type 1 Diabetes.

In the next episode of Diabetes By The Numbers (now available on iTunes!), Bea brings her unique and important voice to the conversation. It’s so good and so meaningful, in fact, that I broke my original ten minute rule and just included the entire sixteen minute talk.

Together, we riff on the subject of how we, all of us living with diabetes, can work to include rather than exclude when we respond to stigma and shame that others try to lay on us. Trust me, you will feel the power of Bea’s convictions coming right through your listening device.

The quote from Bea at the top of this post is just one of the many golden nuggets included. Feel free to add your nuggets below.


Reference Material – Click below for more information on this topic

Bea Sparks writes at the blog Cranky Pancreas:

She also writes at the blog she and other Type 2s share called The Type 2 Experience:

The Ted Talk that Bea mentions in our discussion is right here:


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A few quick hits for you today, since my life has become crazy in the last few days:

– First, the reason why things are so crazy: I developed a major tooth problem over the weekend, which necessitated my first trip to a dentist in about ten years. More on that later. But a root canal is in my very near future, and because of that, my pump decision has been put on hold until 2015. I think my new gravatar is going to be me crossing my fingers, hoping my Medtronic Revel™ pump holds out. If it doesn’t, I’m back on MDI until I can save some money.
– Speaking of insulin pumps: I have two things to tell you about. First, as many of you know, Asante, makers of the Snap pump, will let you try out their pump for up to 30 days. They’ll even throw in a voucher to cover the Humalog cartridges that go with it. And if you decide to try the Snap pump this month, mention Diabetes Hands Foundation, and Asante will make a donation to DHF. Win-Win! To find out more, go to http://snappump.com/landing/dhf

Something else made its way to my inbox… During the month of December, Tandem, makers of the t:slim pump, are offering up to $400.00(US) toward the out-of-pocket cost of the t:slim as part of a pump exchange program. I’m a little short on details, but if you contact your local t:slim rep or call 877-801-6901, I’m sure they can fill you in.
– Your response to the open docket on Food and Drug Administration Activities for Patient Participation in Medical Product Discussions (Docket number FDA-2014-N-1698) has been tremendous. People have blogged and reblogged and shared via Facebook and Twitter and other avenues, and that has caused a noticeable spike in comments added to the docket. Last I checked there were 106 comments submitted so far. Thanks Strip Safely, Diabetes Mine Diabetes Hands Foundation and Diabetes Advocates, Christel Aprigliano, Bennet Dunlap, The Type 2 Experience, and everyone who has shared this far and wide.

If you haven’t left your comment yet, you still have until December 4th. That’s two days from this publication.

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