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Welcome to Friday! Don’t forget to wear blue today to support and encourage everyone living with and affected by #diabetes. I’ve got one more day of software training in New Jersey, then it’s back home tonight. In the meantime, check out this #diabetes click bait.
Does wearing an insulin pump help you have a healthier heart too? Some researchers in the UK think so. I think there are other reasons why this might be true, but there seems to be a link there anyway. Check out this link for the full report:
Insulin Pump Reduces Mortality from Cardiovascular Disease By Almost 50%
Lauren Stanford has a nice recap of the five things that have helped her deal with diabetes burnout and further transition into adulthood:
5 Things That Helped Me Cure Diabetes Burnout
Lauren and her mom Moira are joining the JDRF riders gathering this weekend in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. It’s a little old, but if you haven’t seen it yet, this is worth a read. Moira has this to say about her recovery from a broken ankle and foot, and why her ride is especially important this year:
I’m BACK ON MY BIKE!!! (The One Where I Realize a Harsh Reality)

And thank you both for riding for all of us with Type 1.
Kristin is one of my favorite writers. Last week, she had a less than fun day. This is why we need better, more accurate, more affordable tools to help us manage diabetes:
Diabetes Pulled A Punk-Ass Move
Finally… Hope Warshaw has a wonderful feature on her blog where she interviews DOC champions. Her latest is a nice interview with Kelly Kunik. She talks about starting her blog, finding the Diabetes Online Community, what it means to her, and #IWishPeopleKnewThatDiabetes. Check it out:
Dialoging About Diabetes: PWDs Offer Ways to Improve Communication and Care #11 Kelly Kunik
Enjoy the reads, and enjoy your weekend. Thanks for reading! Have you read anything interesting lately?

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