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Enjoy the new bike.

Just wanted to take a moment to echo Kerri Sparling at Six Until Me and send a quick Monday note of Congratulations to Scott Johnson, winner of the 2013 InsulinDependence Athletic Achievement Award.

With the award comes enough cash for Scott to be able to get a new bicycle (hopefully something made in this century) and keep riding. And playing basketball. And keep inspiring.

Congratulations Scott. Well deserved. You are indeed an athlete of the first degree. We all feel like winners thanks to you.

A post about posts.

I don’t know if I can handle Wordless Wednesday… I’m too much of a writer for that. Let’s see if I can just direct you to a couple of great posts I found today, with a minimal amount of explanation:

Mike Hoskins talks about lows in public. The public nature of hypoglycemia adds an extra, unwanted element. Find out how it affects Mike at The Diabetic’s Corner Booth.

And Scully got out to a local Crit race (I’m sure she knows what that means) Tuesday, and she talks about “Preparing her Diabetes”. I’m always fascinated by an athlete’s story. Read it at Canadian D-gal.


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