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Enjoy the new bike.

Just wanted to take a moment to echo Kerri Sparling at Six Until Me and send a quick Monday note of Congratulations to Scott Johnson, winner of the 2013 InsulinDependence Athletic Achievement Award.

With the award comes enough cash for Scott to be able to get a new bicycle (hopefully something made in this century) and keep riding. And playing basketball. And keep inspiring.

Congratulations Scott. Well deserved. You are indeed an athlete of the first degree. We all feel like winners thanks to you.

Like These Links – Provide Support – Participate – Do Good.

You may have heard about all of these already. But just in case you haven’t, be sure to lend your support, learn, and participate in all of these initiatives:
Scott Johnson has made it to the semifinals(!) of the 2013 Insulindependence Athletic Achievement Awards contest. He needs your help to make it to the finals. Each unique view of the video below means another vote for Scott in his quest to win a $5,000 package of support for his future athletic endeavors. So view it on your desktop, your laptop, your iPad, your smart phone, and all of the PCs in the school library. And don’t forget to share this with your friends too. Scott’s an inspiration to everyone (myself most definitely included), so show your support by viewing today.

Now… A reminder to Strip Safely. Glucose meter and test strip accuracy is a big issue, and there’s a DOC initiative to do something about it. I invite you to go to www.stripsafely.com (or click on the image below) and take the quiz. Then do something about it, including writing your elected officials in Washington and telling everyone about it. Tell everyone about it. Because our lives depend on it. More to come on this issue, in this space soon.
Finally… If you live on the USA’s east coast, you’re invited to join the #DSMA party in Philadelphia on August 7th. That’s during the time that the AADE convention is taking place there. Cherise and Scott will be hosting DSMA Live, and since it’s a Wednesday, I suppose there will be some #DSMA Twitter Chat going on in person too (is that a thing?) Here’s the information:
Get involved now… Happy Hump Day!

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