How Far We’ve Come

I’ve been reading a lot of Facebook and Twitter posts this week from people in our Diabetes Community heading to the American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions in San Francisco. And it’s made me think about the efforts of those from the community, working within the community.

There are people living with diabetes who are working for software specialists, and device manufacturers. Others are writing for websites and publications. Some are speaking and presenting.

It warms my heart to think about this.

To be sure, diabetes advocates who came along way before me spent years trying to get their feet in the door to conferences and symposia. As they slowly made their way to venues near and far, they managed to show their worth in ways that helped make it easier for others to be where they were.

When industry started to realize the value of having those with intimate knowledge of diabetes among their ranks, they began to hire PWDs and Certified Diabetes Educators. Those people have helped companies develop products better suited for those who live with diabetes. They’ve collaborated on patient-centered messaging that helps their companies communicate with the people who keep them in business.

We have people with diabetes serving on FDA groups and state advisory councils and committees. We’ve even seen those living with diabetes starting their own non-profit and for-profit enterprises, and it’s wonderful.

It goes without saying that these people bring a wealth of knowledge to their daily duties. They also bring a passion that can only come from someone living with or affected by this disease.

I couldn’t tell you when it started, but I can tell you that it’s been great to watch.

So today, I’m thinking of these wonderful people, and hoping for their continued success. You’re all blazing trails with bright lights and sharp minds.

Thank you for your continued service. My biggest hope is that we eventually run out of the reason for what you do.

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  • Rick Phillips  On June 7, 2019 at 9:03 pm

    I agree with you Stephen. Today we are well represented and as a result better cared for.

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