Diabetes By The Numbers: March for Health (part 2)

How do you do two interviews on the same subject on different days within the same week? It helps if something big happens on one of the days in between interviews.

“Everything in my life, every decision I’ve made throughout my life, has always been framed around, ‘Will I be able to get health insurance?’.”

In part two of my discussions with leaders of the March for Health, the wonderful organizer of the Nashville march, Cara Richardson explains perfectly why, even though the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives pulled his “repeal and replace” healthcare legislation from consideration last Friday, there is still a need for a March. She explains exactly why access to care and spreading knowledge of patient’s rights are such an important part of her life.

Trust me… this will be well worth your time.


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Cara Richardson is organizer for the March for Health in Public Square Park, Nashville Tennessee, Saturday, April 1st at 11:00 a.m. To find out all about March for Health Nashville, or to find another city where you can march; or to help support March for Health with a donation, go to:

March for Health still needs volunteers who can help with everything from e-mails to fundraising to setup & cleanup. To become a March for Health volunteer, email:

Cara writes about her life with diabetes at the blog Every Day, Every Hour, Every Minute:

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