Yes… I actually did see the eye doctor.

That’s the message I can finally give my endocrinologist when she asks me in January. I needed to find a new ophthalmologist since I had reservations about the doctor I had been seeing before. No major complaints, but I felt that he just wasn’t thorough enough in examining my eyes. And when you’re talking about the eyes of someone who has lived 25 years with Type 1 diabetes, thorough is what you want.

So I moved on. I found a new ophthalmologist, in my neighborhood which is a plus, and I went to see him last week.

Verdict? I’m not so excited about the ophthalmologist, though he’s not bad. He doesn’t know the first thing about diabetes beyond asking “how are your numbers?”. Despite that, I think we started on good footing. I felt he was listening to me. And I really like his assistant, who seems to know a lot and has some grasp of diabetes too. She’s one of those assistants who seems to do all the work, then turns it over to the doctor to gild the lily, whatever that means.
At the end, I wound up with a new prescription, which I hope will help me see stuff on the computer better. And most importantly, after a thorough exam, there were no signs of retinopathy, glaucoma, or cataracts. I’m good for another year.

It’s a good feeling. A good feeling to get good news from the eye doctor, and a good feeling to know that I’m finally taking care of some of that regular maintenance I’ve been putting off for a while. More to come…

I’m not saying this is a brand new me. I am saying that knowing what’s going on with my health beats worrying about what’s going on with my health anytime.

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  • Rick Phillipsr  On November 18, 2016 at 9:35 pm

    Steven this is funny. I see my ophthalmologist once ever 6 months. He even has bad breath. Hmm garlic for lunch. LOL

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