Tropical Storm Jonas.

I have a non diabetes-related post today. A few photos of the winter storm that hit the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast parts of the USA over the weekend.

We get storms like this every few years in my part of the world; some years, like last year, we get almost no snow at all. Then we’ll all of a sudden get a monster storm that dumps a couple of feet on us all at once. In this case, the official number was 29.8 inches of snow, in about 28 hours. This storm was also accompanied by tropical storm force winds that caused some major drifts, like around my truck. After I dug everything out, I had to pull my truck back in the driveway so I could shovel away all the snow that was blown under the chassis.

My glucose did not suffer from the storm… on Saturday, while it was all coming down, I went upstairs and put in a hard 50 minutes on my spin bike. On Sunday, I was out for literally hours shoveling things away from the driveway and the walk. We’re told we might get a snow plow down our street on Tuesday. Almost 72 hours after the storm is finished. Lots of roadways to plow, and lots of tired plow drivers out there. But cabin fever hasn’t sunk me yet. I still have coffee and enough food to get me by, and I’m lucky to have power, so I won’t freeze. Yes, I’m a lot luckier than some others out there right now.

So here, kind of randomly, are some photos from the storm and the shoveling. Wherever you are, I hope you’re warm and comfortable today.

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