This could be a really exciting year.

I know… That headline is the kiss of death. Note that I said this could be an exciting year. And I don’t mean it could be an exciting year for me; I mean it could be an exciting year for all of us, and in diabetes in general.

2015 had its share of great moments. For me, it started with travel to Europe, then to Las Vegas for the initial Diabetes UnConference, then to Jersey City for the HealtheVoices conference. Mid year, I was able to start my own diabetes podcast, and at the end of the year I had a lot of things in the works but nothing I can talk about right now.

2015 had some good and not-so-good moments in the diabetes community. On the plus side, we got Bluetooth-enabled CGMs and the start of inhalable insulin. On the minus side, the abrupt death of Asante and the Snap insulin pump.

So… Why the optimism for 2016? I don’t know… It’s more of a feeling than it is anything else. I will, however, refer you to this wonderful post over at A Sweet Life, in which Melissa Lee talks about the most interesting things to look forward to this year. I think that’s where my optimism started.

There’s also this… April 7, World Health Day 2016, will have a special emphasis on diabetes. According to the World Health Organization’s official website, there are specific reasons for focusing on diabetes. And I’m excited about WHO’s goals for this year, which include increasing awareness about the rise in diabetes, defining a specific, effective, and affordable set of actions; and:

” Launch the first global report on diabetes, which will
describe the burden and consequences of diabetes and advocate
for better health systems to ensure improved surveillance,
enhanced prevention, and more effective management of

I don’t have to tell you that this is long overdue.

In addition to the recognition by the World Health Organization, we’re also looking at important clinical trials as artificial pancreas research reaches a critical point. We’re nearing the point where the idea of glucagon that requires mixing and several steps before it’s ready to save someone’s life will be a thing of the past. And, oh yeah, it’s also an important election year here in the good old U.S. of A.

I’m truly thrilled about the difference that diabetes advocacy is making too. Diabetes Hands Foundation, Diabetes Community Advocacy Foundation, Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition, Spare A Rose, Save A Child. The list goes on and on. Yes, I truly believe that the efforts of these organizations and others have begun and will continue to make a noticeable difference in the lives of people living with this disease, just like they have up to now.

And the Diabetes Online Community is bigger than ever. That means more information, more viewpoints, more interesting ideas. I am happy and excited about the difference that social media has made and will continue to make for all of us too.

While I can’t point to much that’s tangible right now, I have to admit to being really jazzed about what will happen in diabetes in 2016. Let’s hope that everything we hope for comes to pass this year. I look forward to celebrating it with you.

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