8 Things: Summer Edition.

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted an 8 things list. Today, here is a list of things that are part of my world this summer:
1. Insulin worries. Every summer, it seems that every high number comes with a “Did my insulin get skunked in the heat?” question. Remember that insulin is best when stored and used at under 80 degrees. Anything above that and you’re playing with fire. Or potentially compromised insulin, which no one wants, especially in the heat.

2. Low BG/sweating worries. This is the flip side of the high number questioning. Since it can be so warm where I live (Maryland– nearly at sea level)… how can I say this? If I’m sweating, which can be often, the questions are: Am I low? Or am I just sweating? These questions are of particular concern when I’m operating potentially dangerous machinery, like when I’m driving or mowing the lawn.

3. Eating… better. How about something a little nicer? As in, fresh fruits and vegetables. So good, and so good for us. If I’m ever in danger of overdoing it on veggies, it’s at this time of year. Nothing wrong with that.

4. More exercise(?) It’s been a good summer in Baltimore weather-wise. Oh sure, we’ve had our share of stifling heat, muggy days with lots of humidity. But we’ve also had an occasional cool spell, where the high dips into the low 80s with less humidity. Those days are golden in the summer, and though (because of my knee) I haven’t been able to do bike rides or go for runs outside, I have been able to do a few extra walks here and there. Right now, those are golden too.

5. More controversy. Thanks to the CrossFit issue, People With Diabetes had more to feel stigma over, more to respond to, and yes, more ways to examine how we react to controversial statements about diabetes by ignorant individuals. I’m very glad that the Diabetes Online Community was quick to react to the shameful postings of CrossFit and their CEO. I just wish that some of those reactions were more inclusive of all People With Diabetes, instead of just saying “Sugar didn’t cause my type of diabetes”. Also…

6. Second hand news, second hand blues. Friends for Life… MasterLab… ADA Scientific Sessions…. and now the AADE convention this week. I haven’t been able to get to any of them this year. So all the news I’m getting from these events is second hand. Good thing the people that are giving me the updates from these gatherings are pretty good at reporting in the first place, or I might be totally in the dark.

7. Travel….? Travel? Really? See #4 above. Are you kidding? Travel? Good thing I was going places early in the year, because I’m not going anywhere right now. Mostly, it has to do with work. I’m needed right now, this year more than most years, so that’s put a crimp in the travel plans for a while. We did get away to Charlottesville a couple of weeks ago, but really, a day and a half extra doesn’t exactly a vacation make. I’m headed back to New Jersey next week, for training for my job. This year is a lot about what is needed, and not a lot about what is wanted.

8. One visit with the endocrinologist. My next appointment with the endo is in another couple of weeks, and I’ll be interested to find out how surgery and my lack of movement has affected my hemoglobin A1c. My last number was at an even 7.0, and I had been significantly under that for a while. Our goal was to bring it up from where it was, so 7.0 is not so bad. But I certainly don’t want to be any higher. To me, that would feel like a huge fail.
So there you have it. Eight ways that diabetes has factored into my life this summer. I hope your summer has been grand. How has diabetes fit into your life this year?

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