Brain Dumps.

I’m back after spending a few days in Charlottesville, Virginia with The Great Spousal Unit. It was a nice trip with great weather, and other than my surgery, it was the first extra time off I’ve had since March. Ahhhh… I feel rested. Here are a few random brain dumps to begin the week:
– Looking for more artificial pancreas news? TuDiabetes will be hosting a discussion with three members of the new Type Zero Techologies team on Thursday, July 30th at 1:00 pacific time (US). That’s 4:00 in the afternoon on the east coast, and 9:00 p.m. in London. Learn about the InControl, InControl Advice, and InControl Cloud solutions that the folks in Virginia have been working on. #WeAreNotWaiting, and #TheyHaveBeenWorking. Find out more about what they’ve been working on, Thursday afternoon. CLICK HERE for more information.

– Registration for the Diabetes UnConference is happening right now! 2016 will include two new and important things: 1) There will be a western UnConference (again in Las Vegas), and an east coast UnConference in Atlantic City; and 2) Each UnConference will include sessions specifically for the spouses, significant others, etc. who live with us as we live our lives with diabetes. So, you have date and location options, and you can bring your Type Awesome too. This is a big deal, and I really hope you can be there either in Las Vegas next March, or Atlantic City next September. Make your plans now. And CLICK HERE to register. What are you waiting for?

– It’s amazing how your BGs go crazy when you travel. That’s because nearly everything you’re eating is some measure between general processed food and high carb crap, or both. I felt like I was throwing insulin at my numbers all day Saturday, even though one of my meals was no carb, and an evening snack was no carb too. I still woke up on Sunday morning at 149 mg/dL. Love the travel, hate the BG effect.

– On the other hand: Would anyone like a squash from my garden? Or maybe two? Or three? I am currently overwhelmed with squash. This situation caused Maureen to make the dreaded “squash casserole” when we returned from Charlottesville. I’m not a fan, though I love to grill it along with other summer vegetables. But right now, I’m feeling like I’d like to go a few weeks without even seeing another squash. A good problem to have, I guess.

– Finally, for those who might be wondering: I’m now about a month and a half beyond knee surgery, and I can tell you that my progress has been slow. I feel like it’s improving every day, but in teeny, tiny increments each day. So while I’m seeing noticeable improvement week to week, I’m not really able to tell the differences on a day to day basis. Still, progress is progress, and I did well walking around the University of Virginia campus last weekend. Can’t wait until I can get back on my bike.
Have a great Monday. Heard anything new recently? Let me know!

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  • Karen  On July 28, 2015 at 5:28 pm

    Yay for vacations!!! And for squash!!! I buy summer squash every week, so I sure wish I lived close enough to come take some of whatever squash you’re inundated with off your hand!

    Liked by 1 person

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