Be a joiner.

If you know me, you know I can be skeptical of new things.

But today, I am, in fact, a joiner. The truth is, I want to join good causes, with good ideas. That’s why I’m a joiner today. Today, I’m joining forces in a big way with the Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition. And I’m inviting you to become part of the coalition too.

DPAC is a non-profit, non-partisan group designed to bring a united, patient-centered voice to issues affecting all People With Diabetes. It’s right on their website:

”We envision a strong patient voice in diabetes policy. A voice that unifies advocacy to the shared challenges of physical and emotional care needed to live well with any type of diabetes.”

Sort of an e pluribus unum (out of many, one) approach to diabetes advocacy. And DPAC makes it easy… click here, do this, send it there kinds of steps that allow you and I to take part in advocacy efforts without giving up an entire weekend or even an entire weeknight. In fact, I was able to e-mail my congressman and U.S. senators in probably less than two minutes.

Let me ask you: What is most important to you?

– Is it getting Medicare to cover continuous glucose monitors for seniors living with diabetes?

– Is it ensuring safety and quality in all of the devices we depend on to keep ourselves alive each day?

– Do you want to make sure that glucose testing in a multi-patient environment (like hospitals, for example) is done in a safe and consistent manner?

These are just a few of the many issues that Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition is helping us bring to the attention of lawmakers. They make it easy to e-mail elected officials with unified language we can use (or update with our own story, if we choose to do so).

Getting the issues in front of us to see… helping us say, in one voice, multiple times over, that better care, better drugs, better devices, and better coverage for all of those things are important to everyone living with diabetes. That’s what Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition is all about.

So I urge you… become part of the coalition. Be a joiner like me.

Go to, sign up, and add your voice to the chorus. Because we need you. Because I need you.

This is probably the one and only PAC I will ever be a part of. Why? Because your life, and my life, are too important not to take advantage of the opportunity to make our voices heard. Let’s not stop until our voices are heard. With you as one of the many voices.

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