So Worthy: Diabetes Hands Foundation.

With the end of the year approaching, I wanted to write a few blog posts with the idea of pointing you toward some important (to me, anyway) diabetes organizations.

I recognize that JDRF and the American Diabetes Association are important non-profits that deserve your support as well. But I want to dedicate these posts to other organizations that are doing important work to further the cause and improve the lives of everyone living with diabetes.

If you have a few dollars left at the end of the year, consider making a donation to these worthy organizations.

One other thing: I was not asked to write nor am I getting anything for writing about these groups.

Diabetes Hands Foundation

Where do I begin? Diabetes Hands Foundation delivers so much value to the diabetes community, it’s hard to overestimate the importance of their impact to the diabetes landscape.

Founded in 2008 by Manny Hernandez and his wife Andreina Davila, DHF has grown to include many initiatives that benefit, educate, and provide relief to People With Diabetes everywhere. Here’s just a sample of their impact:

TuDiabetes and Es TuDiabetes: In English, TuDiabetes, and in Spanish, Es TuDiabetes, provide a place for people living with and affected by diabetes to go for support, encouragement, information, and connection. The two social networks boast over 50,000 members, and to me, that’s a heck of a village. But that’s not all.

Diabetes Advocates: Diabetes Advocates is a place where people advocating on behalf of those living with and affected by diabetes can connect, educate and empower each other. We learn how to be better advocates, we coordinate efforts to more effectively impact issues affecting us, and so much more. On its own, Diabetes Advocates is a remarkably impactful organization.
Full Disclosure: I am a member of Diabetes Advocates (note the DA button in the left column of this page).

The Big Blue Test: A popular happening during Diabetes Awareness Month every November, the Big Blue Test is a way to both get more active and help raise money for people in need, because every time you exercise and log it at, a donation is made to help people living with diabetes. So it’s a way to see the benefits of more exercise, and the benefits ($) of more exercise. Win-Win!

Those three are only the beginning. Just in this year, Diabetes Hands Foundation has been instrumental in delivering MasterLab at the Friends For Life conference in Orlando in July, and they were a big part of the historic #DOCasksFDA meeting that occurred back in November. They also provide scholarships for people to attend conferences throughout the year, which is why I first donated. Regular education and discussion is ongoing nearly every day.

If you have a few dollars you’d like to devote to a non-profit that will put those dollars to great use, you’d have a difficult time finding a better place to direct those dollars than Diabetes Hands Foundation.

If you’d like to donate, all you have to do is go online to
Monday, we’ll look at another special diabetes group helping to make our lives better every day.

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