Got two minutes?

Hi… I just have a couple of minutes during a very busy day, but I need to ask your help once again.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is asking us for our take on insulin bolus calculators. This goes back to the public workshop that I attended back in November.

Specifically, they’re looking to us for feedback on bolus calculators. As we know, they’re helpful for people to perform (or double-check) their insulin boluses prior to delivery. During the workshop’s panel discussion, Adam Brown of diaTribe did a fantastic job describing how someone using a bolus calculator, even an imperfect one, was better off than someone using no calculator at all.

Fortunately, Bennet Dunlap has prepared a super-helpful post over at Strip Safely that will help you get everything you need to comment simply and effectively on this docket. Go there, and you can perform your Wednesday dose of diabetes advocacy in a couple of minutes.

The FDA would like you to consider these questions with regard to bolus calculators:

1. How can patients and providers be confident that the insulin bolus values obtained from the calculators are accurate and appropriate for their use?

2. What information do patients and providers need about how a particular calculator works so that they may appropriately use the calculator for diabetes management?

3. How can FDA foster both innovation and safety of insulin dose calculators intended for use by healthcare practitioners?

4. How can FDA foster both innovation and safety of insulin dose calculators intended for use by patients?

Okay… I don’t have a lot of time, so I encourage you to visit Strip Safely and view Bennet’s post. The docket is only open for a little while longer, so time is of the essence.

Don’t forget to tell your story! It’s important to convey your role as a patient or a caregiver of a patient, since no one understands our diabetes the way we do. To get links and additional talking points, go to Bennet’s post. For the record,

Here is the link to the request for comments

Here is the link to comment
Thanks again for your help, your continued help, in getting the important facts and the right message to the FDA. Happy Wednesday!

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