Endo visit: 20 Follow-Ups.

It was 90-day endo visit time this week, and things went pretty much according to plan.


My hemoglobin A1c is still in a very good range. But the really good news is that I seem to be getting there with fewer crazy blood sugar swings over the last three months. The data she downloaded showed only a few morning lows, and nothing super-duper low. I had a few other lows sprinkled in there, but not too many. We made a change to my overnight basal rate, dialing it back just a tiny bit to see if it gets me up enough that I don’t risk nighttime hypos. Other than that, I seem to be doing just fine with my settings where they are.

We also spent a little time talking about insulin pumps. I’m still thinking about which pump to go with. Which secretly means I’m hoping for newer versions or different offerings to be announced for the pumps I’m considering. Of course, that’s crazy talk. Nothing’s perfect. I just need to pick the one that works best for me and just go with it.

I’m a little worried about the startup cost too. It’s hard to get me to spend money, even if it is for a good cause… me. But we just had to have some work done on the house, and it was very expensive. Although it looks like I will get an exercise room out of the deal. So I’m at a different level, but I still have to decide right now between doing something to make me healthier, like getting a spin bike for my exercise room, or doing something to keep me healthy, like spending $500-$600 to get started on a new insulin pump (my cost after insurance). I’ll spend money like this sometimes, but almost never without seriously thinking about it. That’s part of what’s kept me from incurring huge amounts of additional debt. I’ve said “No” to myself more times than I can count.

I also got a good check on my blood pressure, my lungs, and my feet… all of which appear to be okay right now(!). When it was all over, I wound up with a couple of backup insulin pens (because my previous ones had expired), new prescriptions for test strips and other meds, and a new appointment in February.

I did notice something in my paperwork before I went in to see her. It noted that this was my 20th follow-up visit with this endocrinologist. That’s over five years with one doctor… I’m pretty sure that’s a record for me. Otherwise, not much to tell this time around. But isn’t that a good thing anyway? I mean, if I ain’t broke, don’t fix me!

But feel free to take care of that malfunctioning pancreas thing as soon as possible…

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