Friday Odds and Ends.

Happy Friday… I hope the weather where you are is as nice as it is here. I really should be at the beach, or out on the bay fishing. I don’t fish a lot, but if I did, today would be the day to be out there. Anyway, I thought this might be a good time to wrap up the week with a few short bites (or bytes—your choice):
I’m starting the process to get my four week trial of the Snap pump from Asante. I’ll let you know how it goes. This will be the fourth pump option I’ve looked at. Favorites? I’m keeping that to myself for now.
The Live-In Niece will soon be the Moving-Out Niece. Rachel and her boyfriend have found a place, and should be moving within the next few weeks. I’m happy that she has a new place to live, and someone to share it with. I’m also coming to grips with the fact that the house will seem… emptier. Is this how empty nesters feel once all their kids move out?
Don’t forget to wish Karen Graffeo a great run tomorrow. She’ll be taking on the MADD Dash 5K up in Connecticut bright and early. This is her first 5K in four years, and I couldn’t be happier for her. She’s really gunning for that Champion Athlete With Diabetes medal, and by this time tomorrow, she should be basking in the glow of a race well run. So today, send her a Tweet or a note of encouragement and support.
The latest visit with my endocrinologist went okay last week. My A1c is in a very good range, and… there’s not much else to report. Except that she suggested I dial back my basals over the weekend since I’m more active then. Which is brilliant, and something I should have thought about long ago.
I am still working on putting together a D-meetup here in Baltimore. This would be a semi-regular get together, and if I weren’t so busy already, this would probably already be a thing. Plus, I have a real worry about letting my hopes get too far ahead of reality. More to come if when this happens.
What’s your good news today? I’d love to hear what’s happening in your world.

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  • Karen  On August 15, 2014 at 4:30 pm

    Awwww, thank you so much for the mention!! I’m really not ready for tomorrow – didn’t train as much as I should have. But I’ll be ready for the September 5K I signed up for. And hopefully two more in November. I WILL earn that medal!!

    Excited to hear about your Snap trial, and best of luck with the D-Meetup. D-peeps getting together is a great thing.


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