A Disclosure, an example, and a plea.

Today is a very busy day, so I’m just going to let you know about something important while I have a moment. I give you a disclosure, an example, and a plea.

I’ll be leaving early tomorrow morning, on my way to the Diabetes Advocates MasterLab in Orlando. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s a one-day advocacy workshop, and I’m looking forward to learning something new and getting my big A on.

I have to admit to being a little less than transparent about this trip up to now. I would have mentioned this earlier, but to be honest, I completely forgot about it. I haven’t really had to disclose this kind of thing before.

The truth is I’m going thanks to a scholarship provided by Diabetes Hands Foundation. If not for DHF, I wouldn’t be making this trip. I’m usually the guy helping others make a trip like this. But… a lot of unexpected things have happened here this year, and as a result, there’s very little wiggle room left in the budget. So thanks Diabetes Hands Foundation. I’m grateful, and I’m really pumped about this.
Leading up to the workshop, I performed my own bit of advocacy this weekend. This goes back to a post from early May where I talked about the infestation of those “Cash for Diabetic Test Strips” signs that have been popping up all over Baltimore. After I wrote that, I received a comment from Jeff Mather:


I’ve been thinking about Jeff’s comment. I think about it every time I see one of those signs. So when I was running errands on Saturday and I saw one of those signs, I took matters into my own hands:


I found two more on Sunday and added them to this one. I’m not sure about the measure of advocacy involved here, but I did manage to make my feelings known about this practice by doing something tangible.

The point here is, we don’t always need to come up with a great idea on our own. Sometimes, all we need to do is pick up on someone else’s idea and do the best we can. I really hope that there are no opportunities for diabetes advocacy where you live. That would mean that your D-world is fantastic and welcoming and helpful. Unfortunately, where the rest of us live, there are plenty of opportunities for advocacy. They aren’t all big, earth-shaking initiatives. But if you think about it, I think you’ll find a place where you can really make a difference.
You know, there are many (and by many, I mean a LOT) of great organizations that help make lives better for People With Diabetes, bring people together who are living with and affected by diabetes, and provide funding to help bring important innovations to the forefront that help us live longer, healthier lives with diabetes.

I encourage beg you to consider making a contribution to your favorite diabetes organization today. Whether it’s by volunteering, by making it your career, or by giving money, every small seed of support you plant today helps the Diabetes Community grow stronger and better tomorrow, and for many tomorrows to come.
Thank you. And enjoy your week!

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  • Laddie  On June 30, 2014 at 8:25 am

    I look forward to hearing the reports on Master Lab. It sounds as though it will be a great learning experience with an even greater group of people.

    Be careful picking up those signs. There are some crazies out there….


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