The Glu Real-World Research App is a finalist today.

Got anything on your plate today, say at 1:00 EDT in the USA? Are you a MyGlu member? If so, you might already know about this. If not, you probably want to log in and check this out.

I got a chance to chat by phone with Christine from T1D Exchange this week, and she filled me in on the details of a live streaming presentation being made today for (official title) Sanofi’s Partners in Patient Health and North America Research & Development Hub Innovation Challenge: Collaborate Innovate. T1D Exchange is a finalist for the $100,000 prize!

So… many of you are familiar with the T1D Exchange, an online database effort headquartered in Boston that gathers oodles of data from people with Type 1 diabetes. T1D Exchange also works with 73 clinics in the USA, covering 27,000 patients. In addition, part of T1D Exchange’s efforts is MyGlu, which is an “online community designed to accelerate research and amplify the collective voice of those living with T1D.” MyGlu has something approaching 10,000 members now, who share information and participate in data gathering in a huge way. To that end, they’ve been wanting to create an app (called the Glu Real-World Research App) that would make it easier for patients to participate in studies. Their presentation will be centered around that. In their own words:

”Our hope is to expand our already successful model to help mitigate the issues in R&D and accelerate progress for those living with T1D and, in the future, other disease groups.”

I was interested in the challenge, and what T1D Exchange and MyGlu hope to accomplish through all of this. So I asked some questions. Questions like:

How many competitors are you going up against on Friday?
There are four finalists that were selected from a large number of presentations. Since the finalists were announced, they’ve all been working with mentors assigned to help the teams develop their pitch in a clear, concise fashion designed to wow the judges. All of the teams will present via live streaming beginning Friday at 1:00 eastern time. The T1D Exchange presentation will be second. After that, from about 2:30 to 3:30, the judges will deliberate, and at 3:30 the winner will be announced.

Note: You can view the live streaming presentations at 1:00 today by going to You can also follow @CollaboratePIPH on Twitter for updates throughout the course of the challenge.

What is the app about? What will it do?
The app will further T1D Exchange and MyGlu’s mission, connecting and supporting patients, and helping researchers and patients share information in a very easy way. Say, for instance, a researcher is doing a study that requires real-world responses from T1D patients that meet a certain criteria: pump users, CGM users, MDI patients, etc. Researchers would find those people from among those who’ve downloaded the Glu Real-World Research App and completed their profiles. This way, study organizers could more easily find study subjects, and potential study subjects could find researchers seeking the data these patients are uniquely qualified to deliver.

This is also a collaborative effort with others?
They’re partnering with MIT’s (Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s) H@acking Medicine in the design of this app, and they’re partnering with Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston. MIT obviously brings technical expertise to the table in areas such as rapid product design, lean start-up methodology, workflow re-engineering, novel data collection, big data analysis, and information publishing. And Joslin brings unparalleled knowledge and passion for researching diabetes and treating patients with diabetes.

You seem to have a pretty good idea of what you want. Let’s say you win. What happens next?
Should they win, they would immediately start sitting down with various stakeholders and subject matter experts to determine timelines and establish priorities. Then they’ll assign people to various aspects of the project, and keep track of specific milestones to make sure everything is going according to plan and budget.

Anything else you wish to tell us?
They’ve been wanting to develop an app like this for a long time. They’re thrilled to be a finalist for this award. They’re hoping everyone will watch!

Once again… You can watch the live streaming event at 1:00 EDT (US) today by going to, and you can follow the challenge via Twitter by following @CollaboratePIPH.

This is a wonderful opportunity to see what forward-thinkers in the diabetes world are working on. I hope you can make it! Don’t forget to share this with others.

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