A Champion Athlete With Diabetes, and a Pied Piper.

I was so excited to send out our 8th Champion Athlete With Diabetes medal a few weeks back (I know, I’m writing about our 8th medal winner after I wrote about our 9th medal winner… sue me). Where do I begin?


Merle Gleeson is a 50 year Joslin Medalist. How ’bout we start there? I think that trumps my little medal, by a longshot. But that’s not all… Merle is also founder of the non-profit Type 1 Diabetes Lounge, known as Chicagoland’s adult education and support network. Founded in 1997, this is an amazing organization. They do lots of talks, parties, fundraisers, and more, all designed to help bring PWDs together in an atmosphere of encouragement and understanding. Be sure to check out their website and Facebook page for more.

So… What does all that have to do with athletics? Well, not much. But I thought you’d like to know about it, because I think it’s kinda cool. Now, when it comes to athletic prowess, Merle is hard to beat. Check out her current weekly routine:

Monday: Workout Challenge
Tuesday: Spin and Weights
Wednesday: Muscle Definition
Thursday: Spin and CXWORX
Friday: Sports Conditioning and Zumba
Saturday: TRX and Power Step

I got tired just reading that. That’s six days a week of tough conditioning. In addition to that, Merle still gets out on her bike when the weather permits, and can do up to 50 miles at a time with her local bike club.

In Merle’s words, “I just want to STAY HEALTHY and be a role model!”. Check and check.

Merle Gleeson… For being an amazing athlete, a gatherer of like-pancreased souls, an advocate, and for persevering for fifty-plus years with diabetes, we are proud to recognize you as a Champion Athlete With Diabetes. I stand in awe and grateful appreciation of your outstanding achievements.
Are you out there persevering, working hard to achieve athletic goals? If you’re living with diabetes, and you’re active; or if someone close to you is living with D and is active, we’ve got an honest-to-goodness medal we’d like to award you (or the athlete close to you). If it’s a big deal to you, it’s a big deal to me too. I want to support you, or support the Athlete With Diabetes in your life. Click here, or on the photo of the medal in the upper left corner of this page to find out more.

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  • Karen  On April 1, 2014 at 3:05 pm

    Wow, Merle is an amazing inspiration – as are all of your D-Athletes!! I so love reading these posts. Thanks again for this wonderful initiative!!


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