What’s your fantasy dual-chamber pump hormone?

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We still have about three more weeks of winter left here in the USA. I don’t know about you… but I could really use a healthy dose of Spring right now.

That has me thinking: I know that dual-chamber pumps have been in development for some time. I believe the idea is for one chamber to be able to pump insulin, and the other to pump glucagon. Or in some cases, the second chamber would pump amylin, which is a hormone designed to help us with gastric emptying.

So… what if I could just, at least for a little while, hook up a little Spring in my hypothetical, dual-chamber apparatus? Late Spring, just after you throw that coat off for the last time, but before it gets blazing hot. Change into your shorts after work, hang out on the back porch all night kind of Spring.

That would be very nice. What else would I like to have infused via my dual-chamber gadget?

Maybe something that could help take the edge off of remembering the depressing episodes of my life. I already lived them once. I don’t want to ever think about them again. Or relive them. Come to think of it, maybe Spring is the perfect antidote for that. Or serotonin. That might help me remember a few things that I seem to forget these days too.

But serotonin couldn’t give me the warmth that I’m looking for. So I’m still looking for Spring in a bottle vial reservoir.

I could certainly use something to motivate me to get to the gym at 5:30 a.m. I’m going, but I’m still dragging myself out of bed to get there. I don’t need anything like an amphetamine. I need something that will make me feel good about getting up and going, but not a performance enhancer.

And I would love something that would help me give exactly the perfect answer to every question, whether it’s diabetes-related or not. Aside from the confidence builder that would be, think of all the money I could make on Jeopardy! Though technically, the questions are answers on Jeopardy, and the questions are answers.

Where was I? Oh yes…

Those are just three things I thought of really fast (‘cause, you know, it’s Friday), that could be really great go-withs to infuse in a double-barreled insulin pump. What’s the fantasy hormone you’d like to include in yours?

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  • Laddie  On March 1, 2014 at 8:04 pm

    I assume that I would choose glucagon, but I wonder if I could use it effectively without the computer algorithms from the Artificial Pancreas. Maybe I would just choose a 4 chamber pump with insulin, glucagon, amylin, and c-peptide. What the heck, maybe I’ll just choose the cure… When you start considering the hormones and internal regulation that we’re missing, it’s amazing we do as well as we do.


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