Happy December.

Wow, I can’t believe it… it’s been almost a week since I published anything. Don’t read anything into that other than the fact that work has been occupying nearly all of my time, and I just haven’t had any extra moments to write.

But while I have a moment, let me just ask you to remember what’s really great about the holiday season that’s just begun.

What’s really fantastic about this time of year is the giving. And the giving takes all forms. From blog giveaways here and here, to giving and preserving life by donating to Insulin for Life, which has a big push right now to raise funds to aid typhoon victims in the Philippines.

There’s also a DiaTribe petition (go there—read & sign NOW), to urge the ridiculous people in Oregon’s Health Evidence Review Commission (this is a thing?) to stop the idea of restricting test strips for Type 2s to one, or even zero, per week to the patients enrolled in the Medicaid-funded Oregon Health Plan. Go there. Read it. Sign it. Now.

And strangely enough (or it makes perfect sense, depending on your point of view), right about now is also when a lot of people feel a little more down. Feeling a little less celebratory, and a little more like hunkering down through the holidays. For those people, I hope the rest of us can bring ourselves to reach out this December. Not to say, “Hey, you should be part of this great thing happening!”, as much as to say, “Hey, I feel for you, and I was there once, and I support you, no matter what… No Conditions”.

It is not a reach at all to say that sometimes, the best giving is when we give of ourselves. I know that from experience, and I know that from experience on both sides of that table. Empathy means a whole lot in our world. And giving empathy feels really great too.

Hope you’re enjoying your week… I’ll try to catch up to you with more very soon.

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