Like these links – Event Edition.

It’s late October, and with the chill in the air there’s an increased focus on current and upcoming events in the diabetes community. Take a look:
Thanks to the non-profit Diabetes Hands Foundation, The Big Blue Test is back! You know that November is Diabetes Awareness Month, right? November 14 is World Diabetes Day. Now until WDD, you (yes, YOU) can take part (and help people in need) by doing four simple things:

1. Test your glucose. Unless you don’t have diabetes, in which case you can skip Step #1.

2. Get Active. Exercise for 14 to 20 minutes. The form of exercise is up to you. Swim, play badminton, break dance, run naked through the streets… but don’t get caught.

3. Test your glucose again. On average, Big Blue Testers see a 20 percent drop in BGs after just this much exercise.

4. Share your results. Where? Here:
Also on Twitter (#bigbluetest), Instagram, Facebook, etc.
There’s even an app for that.

The really great part, besides the fact that you’ll feel better after, is that every time you log your goings-on between now and November 14, a donation will be made to non-profit organizations that are helping to save the lives of People With Diabetes by providing supplies, education, and services at the grass roots level. Get active and be an activist at the same time… I love it!
Diabetes takes center stage in this post from Instructions Not Included. Becky in the UK has written her story and plans to perform it during Diabetes Awareness Month. How cool is that? Seriously, I think that’s very brave and inspiring. She has a request for the rest of us too: She wants us to take a picture of ourselves holding a sign with our name on it, and the words ‘I live in hope’. She hopes to use the photos in her show. Can you do that? Good. E-mail the photo to Becky at
In December, Children With Diabetes (the people who put the Friends for Life conference together) is doing another Focus On Technology conference. I mention it here because there are so many events that happen in cities on the two coasts, and this one is in Cincinnati, Ohio December 7 and 8. Actually, it’s in West Chester, which is north of the city, which should make it pretty accessible to people from Dayton or even Indiana or Kentucky. The program includes a closing keynote address by Dr. Ed Damiano, discussing the bionic pancreas research they’re working on in Boston. When I saw him speak in February, he brought along the device they’re working with so we could all get a look. Just hearing his talk is worth the price of admission, and there should be much more. If you’re in the area, don’t miss it.

Go to to find out more. Click on the Program link at the bottom of the page to see what will be presented, and click on Registration at the bottom of the page to register.
Finally, looking ahead, the date has been announced for the next JDRF Research Summit in Bethesda, Maryland (outside of Washington, D.C.). It will be on Saturday, March 1, 2014. The conference should be accessible by car or the Washington-area Metro, which connects to Amtrak, etc. No word yet on the presentations and personalities who will be there. But last year’s event was great, and very well attended. So put it on your calendar now. Registration opens on January 9. To find out more, go to
That’s it for now… have a spooky-great weekend!

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  • Kelley  On October 30, 2013 at 3:08 pm

    I’m going to try and make the JDRF Research Summit in Bethesda! Maybe I’ll see you there 🙂

    Thanks for posting about the upcoming conferences. I wish I could make the Children with Diabetes Focus on Technology conference.


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