Cross it off of the list – Pikesville 5K.

Sunday was something like the 8th or 9th year in a row that I’ve participated in our local neighborhood 5K run.

This year was different from all of the other years. Because this year, I got to run with family:


Rather than do this thing all by myself, The Live-In Niece ran the entire race with me. She was a division 1 soccer player in college, and that wasn’t too long ago, so she’s pretty fit. But she had never run in an event like this before.

So we stayed together, communicated when necessary, and covered the course in just under 31 minutes. Kinda slow by my standards. But it just felt so good running next to Rachel and feeling that bond as we covered the same ground, sharing the same experiences, crossing the finish line at the same time. Something about that makes the victories much more rewarding. Sound like any experiences you know of?



The BGs behaved too… 186 mg/dL at the start (small breakfast but no bolus), and 123 mg/dL after.

In short: Best. Run. Ever.

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