Pumps and CGMs and being a bear.

Oh My! There are a couple of things I want to draw your attention to. I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to write about these things, but fortunately, someone else already has.

These both may seem kind of negative, and I don’t really mean to sound that way. Sometimes, I can be a bear when it comes to problems with things that are intended to help keep us alive. But these issues are what they are, so I’m telling you about them now so you’ll know. As a counter to these points, I will promise you, Medtronic, and you, Dexcom, that I’ll write something good about your products before the end of the week.

– Medtronic has sent a letter to all of their pump users with detailed descriptions of how to properly remove your insulin reservoir from your vial of insulin. Turns out, there’s a wrong way to do it and you may not know. I didn’t. Not following the proper procedure could have serious consequences. Medtronic has the write-up on this issue right here:
– Also, Sara over at Moments of Wonderful experienced an issue with Dexcom™ CGM audible alarms not going off. This is not an “official” Dexcom™ issue, but in light of going low without hearing an alarm at night a couple of months back, I’m wondering about my own unit right now. Read Sara’s post here:
And while we’re talking, don’t forget to vote early and often for your favorite posts from around the #DOC for the June Best of the Betes Blogs! All of the details are here:
See, I did get something positive in there at the end. Toward the end of the week, the shiny side of the Medtronic and Dexcom coins.

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