The inevitable downslope.


This is why changing infusion sites in the evening worries me a little.

I changed sites last night around 8:30… Great. I was primed and ready for the #DSMA Twitter chat. About halfway through the chat, The Great Spousal Unit brought me a small bowl of strawberry ice cream with fresh strawberries on top. There were more strawberries than ice cream, but when they’re fresh, I don’t mind at all. Now, where was I? Oh yes… the infusion site change.

So often after site changes, I’ll have a… What do you call it? A phenomenon? An anomaly? An unexplainable variance in The Force? It seems as though the site isn’t working at all for a while, which is why I got a high alarm around 11:30 while I was fast asleep. I’ve been through this kind of thing before, so I knew better than to do a correction bolus at that time. And my BG just kept on climbing, up into the neighborhood of 250 mg/dL at around midnight.

From that point on, however, I started dropping. Again, this is without a correction bolus. Certainly, the ice cream and strawberries had lost a lot of their oomph by then. But I just kept getting lower and lower until I was awakened by a low alarm at around 5:00 a.m. No big deal, because that’s when I get up for work (if I don’t go to the gym first). But I just don’t understand why, at least half the time I change sites, all of the insulin I’m pumping seems to be worthless until all of a sudden it’s not worthless anymore. And then it makes up for it with a vengeance over the next few hours. I’ve seen others write about this, so I know I’m not a weird statistic. But I don’t have a scientific explanation for it yet.

Just to be sure it was the new site and not the dessert that caused my glucose to skyrocket last night, I may have to try the ice cream and strawberries again this evening. You know, just to be sure.

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  • xxlovelylizxx  On June 7, 2013 at 3:21 pm

    I just laughed at the last part, and I agree, for scientific reasons you may have to test out the ice cream and strawberries again. 🙂 I’ve had that happen. I am up in the high numbers but I have insulin already in me, waiting for it to work, I will forget and bolus and then bam! I’m on my way down..way down. :/ Not fun.


  • Scott K. Johnson  On June 11, 2013 at 9:57 pm


    I struggle with highs after site changes, and then it seems like all of the corrections and meal boluses catch up with a vengeance.

    And yes, I think you need to try the ice cream experiment more often. 🙂


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