Watch out demon.

I’m looking for it. Looking for that demon. The one lurking out there somewhere, ready to strike when I least expect it. I have to constantly be on my guard to keep the demon at bay.

There’s a semi-predictable arc to my exercise regimens. I start out easy, just trying to get used to working out again, trying to get my stamina to a higher level, trying to burn a few calories. That usually takes a couple of weeks to a month.

Then I’ll start to kick it in a little. I’ll get to the gym or out on the road a little more frequently. At the same time, I’ll ramp up the intensity or my workouts… a lot.

It’s usually during this time that the demon comes out from the depths of wherever the demon lives. The demon takes the form of a super-quick, super-low hypoglycemia event. One of those bad ones. The kind where you pass out, or nearly pass out, and sometimes someone has to call 911 for you.

The demon rears its ugly head around two weeks or so into this more intense workout regimen. The low happens so fast that one minute, I’m walking, or I’m on the phone, or I’m cleaning the house, and the next minute I’m on the floor. Almost that fast. Without warning. Sound familiar?

The worst part is, this demon-low thing sometimes makes me back off on the workout routine. Once or twice it has even made me give up on the workout routine entirely. I know that if I’m going to accomplish my goals and participate in the events I have planned this year, I’ve got to get through this stage and keep on going. Even if I do experience an awful low again.

And guess what? Over the weekend, I hit the two week mark in this more intense workout stage. So now I’ve got to be more vigilant. I’ll probably be checking the BGs a little more often. I may even give in to a mid-afternoon snack, despite the fact that I’m never hungry in the middle of the afternoon. Am I willing to work on the high side of my glucose just to keep the demon at bay? No… because the demon doesn’t care if you’re generally high for two or three weeks before coming down into a good range. When you hit that range, it will be waiting to strike. So I would just be putting off confronting the demon for a little while.

But I’m armed with a few new tools to help me now, and a lot more information. I read your blogs people, and I pay attention to what works for you and how you try to keep the demon out of your own lives. I read from experts in the field, be they a blogger or a medical professional.

I’m hoping that this kind of information gathering and vigilance will make things different this time. To be honest, I’m ready to punch the demon in its face this time. And even if the demon gets out, I will do my best to remain mentally strong enough to not let it bother me too much. Let’s face it… sometimes, the real victory is in getting up and starting again after you’ve been knocked down.

So watch out demon… you will not get the better of me this time.

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  • scully  On February 19, 2013 at 11:30 am

    huzzah man!
    This demon low is not something I’ve ever experienced. HOWEVER, once I’m in a workout routine consistently my lows are more sensitive to everything else even when I’m not expecting it. It’s easy to get discouraged because of that.
    Sounds like you’re armed and ready with sword and flame thrower.
    Kick him where the sun don’t shine!


  • Scott K. Johnson  On February 19, 2013 at 6:37 pm

    Yep, I can totally relate. Crazy how it can really shake your confidence, isn’t it? Sounds like you have a really reasonable plan, and I’m sure that will help you a great deal.

    Watch out, demon!


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