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There’s something I left out in Wednesday’s Like These Links post, and I want to include it here today. Plus a couple of extra things you might want to know about.

First, the thing I left out on Wednesday: Lee Ann Thill of The Butter Compartment has started a new project. If you’re a veteran of Diabetes Art Day, you know that Lee Ann has a special gift for inspiring people connected with diabetes to create art as therapy. I’m not particularly gifted (and that’s an understatement), but she even inspired me to do something this past year.

Anyway, Lee Ann’s new thing is related to her Doctoral studies, and it’s called VIAL Project (Voice – Insulin – Art – Life). According to the official website, “The purpose of this research is to explore the experience of having type 1 diabetes and food and body issues, and the experience of using arts-based expression on a social media platform.”

To get a detailed explanation of this very cool project from Lee Ann’s point of view, check out her post from earlier in the week:

To read more and sign up to participate, visit the VIAL Project website:
Also, the International Diabetes Federation is sponsoring a giveaway of one of their “Show Your Outrage” T-shirts plus some extra blue circle swag. But hurry… the giveaway ends January 14. It’s easy to enter.
Just go to:

Consider your message shared, IDF.
Finally, if you’re close to Washington, D.C. the first weekend in February, you’ll have the opportunity to attend the Children With Diabetes Focus on Technology Conference in Arlington, Virginia, right across the Potomac river from our nation’s capital. Tom Karlya will be there. And I just found out that Kerri Sparling and Scott Johnson will be there too. Okay, now I’m kinda jazzed about going. There will be lots of talk about diabetes and technology, and a closing keynote from Sebastien Sasseville, Team Type 1 athlete and the first Canadian with Type 1 diabetes to summit Mount Everest. The Great Spousal Unit needs to hear from this guy that I can do anything I set my mind to.
To find out more, register for the conference, and even book your hotel, start here:
Enjoy your weekend!

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  • Karen  On January 11, 2013 at 10:07 am

    You’re going to the CWD Tech Conference???? ME TOO!!!!! 🙂 Can’t wait to meet you in person!


  • Scott K. Johnson  On January 11, 2013 at 4:04 pm

    YES! So glad to hear you’ll be there (and Karen too)! Very much looking forward to meeting you.


    • StephenS  On January 14, 2013 at 9:49 am

      Very much looking forward to meeting you both in February. It’ll make the drive through D.C. well worth the effort.


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