Take The Big Blue Test!

Ohmygosh! I completely lost track of time and missed the beginning of The Big Blue Test.

Once again, the Diabetes Hands Foundation, with a little help from Roche Diabetes Care, is sponsoring this effort to get more than 20,000 people to test their blood glucose, get active for 14 to 20 minutes, and then test again. What’s that again?

1. Check your BG

2. Get active for 14 to 20 minutes

3. Check your BG again

4. Log onto http://www.bigbluetest.org and answer five easy questions to log your test

Want to know more? Click here for a great FAQ page with all of the answers. Hint: You don’t even have to have diabetes to take part!

If the goal of 20,000 is met by November 14 (World Diabetes Day), the program sponsor will donate $100,000 to organizations that provide life-saving supplies and services to people with diabetes in need.

So join together with your friends and family and take part between now and November 14. You can test more than once… so test early, and often. On Twitter, look for the hashtag #bigbluetest.

Now, excuse me while I map out the next month’s exercise routine.

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