September DSMA Blog Carnival. A lot of D-Baggage.

“Hello, my name is Stephen, and when I travel, I’m a Diabetes Gear Hoarder”.

I’m off for the Tour de Talbot, Saturday, September 15 in Easton, Maryland. Proceeds from the ride benefit the Midshore Riverkeeper Conservancy and JDRF. I hope to finish the Metric Century ride, which is 65 miles.

I’ll only be gone for 24 hours, but look at all of the stuff I have to take with me:

Here’s what’s in that photo:
– My pump

– My Meter

– A very neat, very old thing that I carry my insulin in when I travel (I posted about it here)

– A re-purposed infusion set box, containing:
2 infusion sets
2 reservoirs
2 IV Prep wipes
1 Novolog pen
1 Lantus pen
3 Pen needles (no, I don’t know why I packed only three)

Of course, that’s not all. In the meter case is lancets and strips. And in my pocket are four of my favorite candies to fight off lows. Also, I’m taking along an entire bag of them in case I need more.

I know that almost all of this is for that “just in case” scenario, but we know that things will happen (and all too often, they do).

So we prepare… we plan… we pack… and we overcome any issues that arise.

“I’m Stephen, and when I travel, I’m a Diabetes Gear Hoarder”.

This post is my September entry in the DSMA Blog Carnival. If you’d like to participate too, you can get all of the information at

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