Has it been 3 months already?

Happy Labor Day in America! Here in the USA, we set aside the first Monday in September to celebrate those working souls who have, and continue, to help make this country what it is. At least the good things that it is. Those working souls are most of us, so here’s to us.

Has it been three months already? In fact, it has been three months since I last visited my endocrinologist. Last Friday was the time to get some tests done, talk about the last three months with regard to my diabetes, and make any necessary adjustments.

My A1c? It was a little better than last time. Out of deference to some of the people I’ve been reading in the DOC (Diabetes Online Community), I’m not revealing what that number is anymore. Those people are right… it’s just a number, and I don’t want anyone feeling really good or really bad about where they are based on my numbers. Everyone is different. Your Diabetes May Vary.

We talked about a lot of things in this visit. We decided that I need to adjust my nighttime basal rate down a bit, and also adjust my morning basal down a bit.

But I also admitted to something that I think I’ve been doing for a while, but I haven’t let on to yet:

I feel like I’m starting to bolus based on where I want my BG to be, rather than based on where my BG is and what I’m eating. I think that I’ve been starting to say to myself, for example, “Okay, I’m a little high now; I’m going to bolus a little extra to get to where I want to be, and 100 mg/DL is too high”. Do you do that, or is it just me?

My endo told me that my insulin usage has been about 60% basal, 40% bolus. Interesting to know, but is that good? It turns out that the percentages should probably be a little closer to 50-50. However, she added, “That thing where you’re over-bolusing to get to a certain low target? Stop that.” Okay, Doctor.

We also talked about my 100 mile bike ride back in June, where I had gotten dehydrated at the end. I’m hoping to do a ride co-sponsored by JDRF in a couple of weeks, and I was seeking advice on how to keep history from repeating itself.

The answer is to get a little more salt in my system prior to the ride, to get a little more protein in my system during the ride, that electrolytes are good early in the ride (but not late), and to listen to my body, and if it’s bothering me, to give it up and live to ride another day.

That’s about all. It was a good visit. I like being able to talk with a doctor who speaks the same language. Who I can ask questions of, and who I feel comfortable answering questions from. Not much more to it than that. I hope your next visit goes as well.

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