Can you identify this?

Even without a calendar, I can tell it’s August in America. It’s hard to tell by looking at this photo, but I’m getting tomatoes out of the garden faster than I can eat them. So I took about two dozen and froze them.

It’s a simple process, really. Just drop each tomato in boiling water for a few seconds. Then transfer them to a bowl of cold water. Once they’ve cooled, peel the skin off and place them in freezer bags. That’s it. If you can, throw a few herbs (basil, especially) in there too. Then when you take them out to cook, you can throw all of that in the same pot.

These are great in the fall and winter for making soup, spaghetti sauce, and pizza sauce.

I am loving nature’s bounty right now.

Average carbohydrate count in an medium-sized tomato: 6 grams

Carb counts are estimates only. Check with a registered dietician to find out what a healthy carb count is for you.


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