5K – Finally, a fun event.

Sunday was the day for the annual Pikesville 5K run. It’s a very low key event, featuring hundreds of runners, most of whom live within a 15 minute drive of the course. We live about 5 minutes away, and I have to say: it’s nice to sleep in your own home the night before, wake up about an hour and a half before the start, and still have plenty of time to get ready.

So how did I do?

Race-wise, about as well as expected. Better even, considering I hadn’t trained very hard for this one. And this is a tough course. It’s almost entirely downhill for the first half; and since it’s an out-and-back course, it means the second half was almost entirely uphill. My time was 27:42 (did I mention I’m a slow runner?), 150th out of 541 runners. Sixteenth out of 47 in my age group. As I’ve said before, my goals in something like this are the same: 1) Finish the race, 2) Finish better than half the field, 3) Finish better than half the field in my age group. Based on that criteria, I did pretty well.

How ’bout BG-wise? Well, um…. not so good.

My morning reading was 68. That’s too low for me before vigorous exercise, so I had to eat something before the race, which I hate to do. But I got myself up to 152 before the race. I set a temp basal (0.55 units) for an hour. But then I definitely over-carbed at the post-race spread. A bagel, an apple, and some orange juice. Without bolusing. I paid for that later when I shot up to 323(!). So I had to go low with the carb count at lunch, and with a well thought out bolus, and I was back at 90 before dinner. What is it that I’ve read about? The Glucocoaster? Yeah, I was on that.

But the nicest part of the event, and of the day, is that Maureen and Rachel were able to be there to cheer me on. Also, I was able to run with several friends who also run every year. It’s a low-pressure, high-fun get together that makes me feel good. And I have to admit that I think I needed that right now. I’d share some more photos, but no one got a photo of me actually running in the race. So I only have this to share with you:

With our friends Jill & Iris after the race. Feels like a reunion coming to this event every year.

Hope your week is great!

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