Finally… photos from the ride.

It’s been an extremely busy week. I haven’t had a chance to get much posted this week, and I have a lot to get off of my chest, and it’s frustrating me. And I’m still busy. So I only have time right now to post those photos I’ve been promising since Monday. Have a great (and restful) weekend!

All photos are courtesy of The Great Spousal Unit.

Before the race. See that look on my face? That’s 50% sleep deprivation, 50% abject fear. Can I make it 100 miles?


Looking everything over one more time. I didn’t know then that this bike would be an absolute gem all day long. Smooth as silk.


The crowd at the start of the Century (ride). Smaller than I remember.


At the start… I’m trying simultaneously to get clipped into my pedals and keep from getting run over.


The next time someone with a camera caught me, at the mile 80 rest stop. If you look closely, you can see the Chesapeake Bay in the reflection off of my sunglasses. Obviously, I had no idea of the hell that was to come.


This is the hell that was to come. Only 20 miles later, I collapsed just past the finish line. This photo was taken about 10 minutes before I was taken to the ER. I can’t believe how pale I look here.


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