Well, it’s finally time for the bike ride I’ve been training for. We leave today for Maryland’s Eastern Shore. The ride begins Saturday at 7:00 a.m. One hundred miles. Then, on Sunday, we do another fifty.

Side note: this is not a Tour de Cure or JDRF ride. I promised a friend that I would ride with her in this event a long time ago, before I even heard of Tour de Cure or the JDRF rides. And I just don’t have the extra cash to enter both. Next year though, I’ll do at least one of those, and hopefully both.

So here are a few snapshots of the preparation:

2 of everything, just in case. Plus another bag with all of my other supplies. The Quick Set box is great for carrying these things. Anyone else repurpose like this?

All of this plus more to keep away the lows this weekend.

I’ll be riding this Saturday and Sunday. It’s ready to go, thanks to my nephew, who checked everything out.

So while the rest of you are at JDRF conferences and ADA Scientific Sessions, I’ll be riding. But I’ll be back Sunday night ready to check out all of your posts and tweets. Enjoy!

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