Family visits. But no drama.

I haven’t posted for a few days… I’ve been preoccupied.

Family came to visit this weekend. A lot of family. From Maureen’s side. But still, a lot more than we are used to. And since they were all from out of town, it meant a lot of going to places and eating at crazy times, and eating a lot of junk.

Luckily, I was able to keep the BGs in check this weekend. All at 130 or lower. All weekend. Don’t know how I did it; maybe it was a lot of dumb luck. But I did have a lot of vigilance. I tested whenever I could. Even though I had some junk (polish sausage at the Orioles game), I didn’t overdo it.

I guess it comes down to moderation. Just gotta keep from too much or too little of anything. Finding the Happy Medium.

I hope your weekend was great! I always enjoy seeing family. We don’t get visitors too often. But I’m glad it’s over. Family in moderation is okay too.








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