Diabetes Blog Week: Day 6– Saturday Snapshots.

Saturday… what a day. Here in Baltimore it is! Preakness Day! Here’s hoping your horse is a winner today. Now, over the incessant drone of the freakin’ blimp outside, here are my Saturday Snapshots for Day 6 of Diabetes Blog Week.

My photos fall into three categories.

First, a couple of diabetes-related photos:

Every PWD who works at a desk has a drawer like this. This should provide enough carb content when those afternoon lows strike. There’s also a candy jar on my desk.

Thanks to the DOC, I found that you can put an infusion set in your leg. And it can work. And work well.

Exercise is a big part of staying healthy for me. This was my first triathlon last year:



…and Run. Now you can tell that the other photos weren’t staged.

Finally… everyone should be lucky enough to have a great family like mine. Maureen and my darling great niece (yes, I’m crazy over her), born on my 50th birthday:

One more day of DBW left… have a great weekend!








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