Random Glucose.

Without much else to write about today, I thought I would pass along a few random glucose readings from the past 24 hours:

7:15 am: 68
Not surprising considering the fact that I was in the 6:00 spin class, which kicks my butt every single time. Which is why I keep going back. The temp basal that I set before going in: 0.750 units for 1 hour (normal basal at this time: 1.15 units per hour). Had a couple of homemade turkey sausage biscuits for breakfast.

12:05 pm: 96
Not much to say, except that the commute was busy but normal, and I was in meetings all morning long. Had a peanut butter sandwich and some pretzels for lunch (I know, too many carbs).

6:50 pm: 129
Knew I had too many pretzels at lunch. I figure I have two vices left: alcohol and salt. Mostly, it’s the salt that gets me to overdo the carbs. Dinner was leftover rotisserie chicken, cheese, and tomato on crackers.

10:07 pm: 119
Snacked on a chewy, yummy cereal bar after this. So good.

Not a bad day from a BG perspective… but there’s a little room for improvement, I think.








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