Happy Cinco de Mayo.

A few random thoughts on this Spring Friday in May.  Happy early Cinco de Mayo!

  • Glad to reach another Friday.   It’s been a busy week, but I made it to the gym on schedule.  Now if the weather can finally hold out, I’ll be outside on the bike for a good ride tomorrow.  Only 5 more weeks until my 150 mile weekender, and I am sooo not ready yet.
  • I too was on the glucose roller coaster Thursday.  6:00 BG:  71.  Had two slices of toast and butter for breakfast.  12:00 BG:  271 (!).  Had a low on the subway home… ate 3 of my favorite candies before I reached my stop (I carry 4 in my pocket all day, every day), 6:15 BG:  84.
    It’s just a number, it’s just a number, it’s just a number…
  • Also, if you live in Maryland (and you’re actually reading this), there’s a Type 1 Toolbox event hosted by St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Towson, on Tuesday at 7:00.  Click here to get all of the information.
  • Finally, here’s a photo I took about a week ago.  This is the reason why we’ve kept that big azalea next to the house all these years, despite my gripes about how crappy it looks the rest of the year:

Spring at the homestead…

Also, I should have more news on my search for an Adult Type 1 support group next week.  I’m on a mission now that I’ve written about it.

Enjoy the weekend!

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