I have another word for superstition:  habit.

Often, we get so used to doing something in a such a specific way, it seems unnatural to do it any other way.  When I was younger, I played a lot of baseball.  And then softball.  And I subscribed to every last superstition.  Don’t touch the baselines, don’t mention a streak or a no-hitter in progress or you’ll jinx it.  Take the same number of practice swings before each at-bat.  Oh, I had a superstition for everything.

Well, today I’m not a big fan of that.  In fact, I enjoy doing things differently.  I like variety.  I dig changing things up now and then.

But I do have a few habits when it comes to my life with diabetes.

Prior to my pump, I used to hold the syringe exactly the same way before each injection.  I tapped the syringe the same number of times before getting down to business, whether it was necessary or not.  And you can bet that I had my favorite injection sites, and used them more often than I probably should have.

Do I have my favorite infusion sites today?  On my sides, although I’m a side sleeper, so I have to be careful.  I also like to keep the pump clipped right in the middle at night.  At least while I’m sleeping…

I also have my favorite fingers to test on (the ring fingers).  I almost never use my index fingers.  Why?  I’m not sure I can tell you.  I think it has to do with the clunky lancet devices back in the early nineties that made my fingers feel like they were being pricked by a dull icepick, with the force of a cannon blast.  Doing that, and then using a computer mouse or holding a pen was actually painful back then.

I have a couple of pills that I take, plus a couple of vitamins each day.  And you know what?  I take them in exactly the same order every day.

Looking back on it now, I think I should change up some of those routines.  Don’t want to get into a rut.  But I also have to realize that I should do what works best for me.  Because right now, things are working pretty well.

Do you have superstitions?  Or are they habits?  Whatever they are, I say go for what works for you.  But don’t be afraid to change it up!  You might find a new habit that works just as well.

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