The diabetes game.

Step right up, Mr. and Ms. PWD! You too can take part in a unique challenge involving skill and daring… it’s the game the whole family can play… Diabetes!

Our first round is the diagnosis round. In it, you’ll go through the difficult first few weeks, before you even know you have diabetes. You’ll be thirsty all the time. You’ll go through the lightning round where you try to make it 45 minutes between trips to the bathroom! You’ll feel sluggish, and you might even lose a few pounds a few weeks. At the end of the round, a medical professional will confirm that you’ve got a disease for which there’s no known cure. But watch out for our two whammies– ketoacidosis, and doctors who want to make sure you know about all of the “risks of complications that you need to be aware of”.

If you survive the diagnosis round (literally), you’ll move on to the maintenance round. We’ll test your stamina (and your psyche) with new terms like hypoglycemia and hemoglobin A1c. You’ll go toe-to-toe with well meaning individuals who refer to you as a ““burden on the healthcare system“, and insurance actuaries who determine how many supplies you need to live based on their company’s or your employer’s profit & loss situation.

Still in the game? If you’re one of the lucky contestants who makes it through the maintenance round (literally… but really, you’re always in the maintenance round), you can reach the stage of diabetic maturity. You’ll find the diabetes online community, where you’ll encounter additional players in this game. People just like yourself. Members of the DOC will provide much needed validation, plus valuable information you might not find anywhere else. You might even get a chance to blog yourself, volunteer, or mentor others through the various stages of the diabetes game.

Make it through everything, and you’ll be eligible to win our grand prize! A chance to keep on living. A chance to take advantage of advances in care and technology. A chance to hang in there until a cure is within reach. NOW is the time to celebrate all the milestones in our life. Every birthday, every diaversary, even if they’re not our own, is worth its weight in gold. We’ve earned them all.

Are you ready contestants? Here we go…

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